Personal Training In West Palm Beach By Dave Inch - Building Stronger And Healthier Bodies!
Personal training has been my life!Looking for a personal trainer in west palm beach? Contact me!
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Personal trainers need to train hard too!Bodyshaping at any age!SlideShow
Cardio and eating lean...will keep you lean!
Here I am with Brandon, he manages the gym for Rhanndy and also a personal trainer.This is where I do my personal training for clients that do not have a fitness facility where they live. The following photos were taken inside Rhanndy's Elite Fitness...where the trainers train!
Cable machines for all your bodyshaping needs..Smith machine...great for safe strength training.Dummbells for real strength training.Cardio right after your workout to fininsh up.Personal training in the leg area.Strength training has to have a good squating routine.Diet and cardio to keep the fat off.Nutritional advice for staying cut all year round.Bodybuilding at 50...will it ever end? Bodybuilding and strength training for LIFE!